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Hat Not Hate

Knit or crochet a hat.

"#HATNOTHATE is an anti-bullying campaign.
We ask knitters, crocheters, and loomers to make handmade blue hats and donate them to our cause. In October, National Bullying Prevention Month, we distribute the hats to schools across the country for students to wear, empowering them to stand up to bullying."

Stand Speak Shape

Crochet flowers for a cause

" Our goal is to engage as many Chinatown locals, neighbors and friends, many just trying out this new skill, to create crochet pieces. With everybody’s help, we will work towards a total of 800 squares and 500 flowers, that will then be sewn together into a 4-foot high by 25-foot wide mural to adorn the fences at Columbus Park. We anticipate blooming voices and a powerful community-created visual mural serving as a reminder of the value that as individuals joined together collectively, we STAND-SPEAK-SHAPE our community and our society .."

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