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The Art of Learning How to Crochet

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Once you ave passed the initial stage of making a chain, the excitement begins. You start to single crochet, and then you might start with the scarf. Then comes the mistakes; that is the best part. Instead of being straight, your rectangle starts to look like an upside triangle. That is the best pest part. I call it the best part because this is when you begin to make mistakes. Mistakes are the best! It’s a learning experience that you can’t learn from a book.

As you practice, I can promise you; you will get better at this craft. Not only will you get better, but your speed will also increase. Sometimes I am amazed at how fast I can crochet. You might say, “well, you have been doing this for a long time.” You are correct. The more you crochet, the faster you will get. Remember, It is not a speed contest. The experience is for you to master single crochet, then to learn double crochet, treble crochet, etc. Just when you thought, this is it! I am happy to announce that there is more to crochet than one stitch. I don’t want to overwhelm you too early.

What will be your first project? That is the question! Beginner crocheters usually start with a scarf, then a hat, gloves, etc. I want to suggest starting with a headband and using Lion Brand Yarn Thick & Quick Wool Ease. Why, might you ask? It is because it is a quick project. The beauty is seeing your final project. Once you crochet something quick, you are motivated to try more projects. Now, I will warn you, if you have never been addicted to something before, this might be it! Crocheting is very addictive. I can easily crochet for h

ours without eating or getting up from my seat. There is an urgency to finish a project the same day, which is not always possible. I have spent sleepless nights trying to complete a project.

Who else can advertise your work of art, then you? The time has come to show the world that you are crocheters. Show them, don’t tell them. Wear your headband, scarf, hat, etc., proud. If someone doesn’t compliment you, it’s okay; they haven’t learned the value of crafting with your hands. There is just something special about a crocheting garment. The stitch has this distinguish look because it will have your special touch. You are on a mission to something magical, and it’s called learning how to crochet. It is only the beginning of your crocheting journey.

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